Bettine Goatmilk

Lactose free goatmilk for hungry kitties!

Tested by: Chica & Salsa

Product: Betinne Goatmilk

500 ml long lasting 100% goatmilk with lid.

Chica & Salsa’s verdict:

Alright, I’ll admit, when we came to collect Chica and Salsa we got the advice to give them goatmilk as they really love it. And ofcourse, we went out to get our kitties some goatmilk and lo and behold, they adore it to bits! Both of them actually lap up a bottle within a week (if not more!). I’ve never seen kittens drink so much milk! It’s a great alternative for the expensive catmilk options and it’s lactosefree aswell.

Catisfaction score: Awesome!


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