Catnip Squirrel

catnip squirrel

The Squirrel toy that makes cats fly high (on catnip!)

Tested by: Dikkie

Product: KONG Catnip Squirrel

The KONG catnip squirrel has a reclosable pouch to hold fresh catnip into place. With your squirrel toy you also get a reclosable vial of catnip to renew your old catnip once the scent starts to fade. Simply add some more and the squirrel is ready to go! The catnip can be stored in the freezer to keep it fresh and the toy is also washable to remove the catnip leftovers.


Dikkie’s verdict:

At first the toy seems like a regular plushy toy until you fill it up with fresh catnip, provided in a vial with the toy. To be honest, it took a while to figure out how to get the catnip in the toy at first. When the catnip its added, we started off with a small amount and gave it to Dikkie. She. Absolutely. Loves. It! Dikkie’s eyes widen and she rolls all over the squirrel. This is her favourite toy ever! She actually managed to rip off a good bit of the squirrel’s tail. Even after a few weeks, she still adores it and plays with it. Once the catnip fades, the love is a bit less, or is it due her new favourite, the laser? Anyway, its soft, its plushy and its a very cute toy for any cat to have. Recommended!

Catisfaction score: Awesome!


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