Whiskas Catmilk

Cats love milk, but due the fact cats are also lactose intolerant and cannot digest milk very well, it’s better to not give it to them. Whiskas Catmilk is the solution to give your happy kitties an alternative version of milk they actually CAN digest. Meaning, the milk contains less lactose compared to cow’s milk but with all the good ingredients like calcium, fibre and proteins.

Tested by: Dikkie

Product: Whiskas Catmilk

With Whiskas’ new recipe the level of fat in the catmilk is reduced from 3.3% down to 2% which seemingly makes it easier to regulate cats calories en reduce the risk of obesity in cats as well as health issues. The level of lactose also has been reduced from 0.2% to 0.1% and also free from any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Let’s put the milk up to the test!

Dikkie’s verdict:

The bottle looks quite promising decorated with pretty pink and white colors and a cat image. Also, the milk smells pretty nice from a human’s point of view. A bit like actual milk or cream even.

I opened the bottle straight from the shelf, meaning the milk is room temperature. Dikkie seems to take about three licks and walks off. Maybe she prefers the milk more cold? I have no clue, so I put the bottle in the fridge and leave the bowl next to her chow in case the wants to try it out later. During the day, Dikkie seems to just enjoy her chow and leaves the bowl with milk untouched. I decide to chuck the rest of the milk in the bowl and wait till tomorrow to try again.

Next day when I get home from work Dikkie is whining for wet food. Instead I decide to place a bowl of chilled catmilk in front of her. She stares at it and decides to make a run for it. I guess Dikkie just isn’t into cat milk. In the end I just have to chuck it all due being past the expiration date which is only four days! I guess a waste of money.

Catisfaction score: Meh

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