Ohana means family

And family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten…

If only this applied to pets as well. In our family, once you’ve made the decision to adopt a cat or kitten, you stick by your decision. A cat or family pet is not a toy to get rid of once you grow tired of it. Also, even though owning a cat costs much less than a dog, it’ll still cost a fair amount.

How about a reality check with some quick facts?

  • A random housecat can grow to be at least an average of 12-15 years old
  • Regular visits to the veterinarian are a must to keep your cat healthy
  • Spay or neuter your cats to avoid extra costs of taking care of a litter of kittens
  • Medicines can be expensive but necessary to avoid fleas, worms and any other parasites or diseases
  • Taking care of a cat takes time and money, you’ll need a litter box, litter, food, cat bed, scratching pole, toys, treats as well as the regular checkups at the vets, medicine (and these are just the basics)!
  • Don’t give out kittens as gifts, chances are once the kitten has grown up and is no longer considered ‘cute’ they end up in an animal shelter
  • Don’t get a kitten if you cannot commit to one the rest of his/her life. Animals have feelings too, even though they cannot speak!

Basically, if you get a kitten or cat, it’ll be your responsibility. Don’t ever get a kitten because your kids want one, but you cannot put the time and effort in taking care of a cat.

Most excuses I’ve seen to get rid of cats:

  • They’re too expensive! I can’t afford to take care of them anymore
  • I (or any other family member) have a sudden cat allergy
  • We want to go on holiday and can’t be bothered to pay for a cat sitter
  • He or she is lonely because we only took in one kitten, now the kitten is all grown up and we don’t want him/her anymore
  • I’m pregnant and I read a lot of bogus on the internet so I cannot take care of my cat anymore (NOT TRUE, let someone else take care of the litter box and you’re fine!)

Most excuses are easily countered. Your pet is part of your family, when you spend time with your pets and take care of them well, you’ll get a lot of love and affection back. Good pet owners already know how special a cat-human bond can be!

Don’t be ignorant, think before you buy/adopt!

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